Rosin is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate created by using heat and pressure to squeeze the cannabinoids & resin out of the input material (eg. flower, sift, bubble hash). There are multiple different sub-types of rosin, all which require different input material, temperatures and press methods to create.

Flower rosin - made with cured buds

Hash rosin - made from pressing bubble hash

Live rosin - made from washing fresh, uncured buds into bubble hash, then pressing that hash into rosin

Bubble Hash - created from agitating flower or trim in ice and water. The waxy resin heads are broken off at the right temperature, then dried. 


The main way to consume rosin is by taking dabs, although with some types, you can put the concentrate on a bowl of flower or in a marijuana cigarette. 

What's a dab? 

To take a dab, you use a dab rig (water pipe) a quartz banger (seen above) and a torch.  You heat up your banger to the desired temperature, insert your concentrate, and enjoy!